Synth Rattling

Greedy Sneaky Rodian Thief

AC 5
HP 15
THACO Mel/Miss 19/16
Stats Score Mod
STR 16 +2
DEX 17 +2
CON 16 +2
INT 11
WIS 14 +1
CHA 16 +2
14 Breath Attacks
10 Poison or Death
9 Petrify or Paralyse
11 Wands
9 Spells or Spell-like Devices


Hide in Cities and Underground 1-2 on D6
+2 to Disease Save
+1 to Initiative when alone or with only Rodians
+1 to hit with Missile Attacks
-2 to AC when fighting creatures larger than humans

Thief Skills :- Pick Locks 37%, Find/Remove Traps 30%, Pick Pockets 40%, Move Silently 45%, Climb Walls 79%, Hide in Shadows 35%, Hear Noise 1-3.

Backstabbing – If attacking from surprise – +4 to hit and DOUBLE DAMAGE.

Snyth’s Gear


Snyth Rattling – Rodian Thief – Snyth is an opportunist rogue who is always seeking the next big score. He was paid by Krotchet to ‘recover’ the map that led to the Plated Mage, and when Krotchet caught Snyth red-handed after the foolhardy rogue returned to the magicians home later to liberate some assets, he was offered the opportunity to escape punishment by accompanying Krotchet on his venture. Snyth’s schemes are often badly planned and Krotchet provides firm guidance to avoid complications. Snyth is a long time friend of Rolandius, the groups’ warrior and Ainesilver, his adopted half-elven brother has also joined the group after spotting a link between the map and his mysterious past.

Synth Rattling

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