Krotchet the Magnifiscent

Self important Rodian Invoker

AC 9
HP 9
THACO Mel/Miss 19/18
Stats Score Mod
STR 12
CON 14 +1
INT 17 +2
WIS 13 +1
14 Breath Attacks
9 Poison or Death
9 Petrify or Paralyse
9 Wands
9 Spells or Spell-like Devices

Languages – Alignment, Rodian, Common and One other


Hide in Cities and Underground 1-2 on D6
+2 to Disease Save
+1 to Initiative when alone or with only Rodians
+1 to hit with Missile Attacks
-2 to AC when fighting creatures larger than humans

Spells :- Cast 2 1st level per day – Either Magic Missile or Ventriloquism
Plus 2 Levels for +2 Int bonus.

SPECIAL – Due to the loss of his nose when fighting a Ghoul recently, Krotchet has no sense of smell. This makes him immune to scent based attacks but makes him adds +1 to his chance of being surprised, making it 1-3 on a D6.

Krotchet’s Gear


Krotchet the Magnifi-scent – Rodian Magician – Krotchet is an apprentice to a powerful wizard on the Rodian homeland of Suhl. Having discovered a map showing the location of the long lost “Laboratory of the Plated Mage”, Krotchet was given leave to hire assistance to travel to the mainland and seek out the long hidden secrets. Self appointed leader of the group, Krotchet provides advice and guidance, whether asked for or not, to the rest of the party. He also keeps an eye on the party thief Snyth, and distrusts those with elven blood due to previous conflicts between their races.

Krotchet the Magnifiscent

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