Brytik - Man at Arms

Retainer hired by the party in Larm

AC 7
HP 7
THACO Mel/Miss 18/20
Stats Score Mod
STR 14 +1
CON 15 +2
17 Breath Attacks
14 Poison or Death
16 Petrify or Paralyse
15 Wands
18 Spells or Spell-like Devices
Attacks Spear 1d6+1 or Dagger 1d4+1

Languages:- Alignment and Common


Bastard son of a nobleman

Insisted on a 100gp life insurance policy, to be held by Haldo Bramwise at the Borderland Tavern, which will be paid to a benefactor he has specified in a letter (also held by Haldo) if he should be killed in Stonehell.

Hired to accompany the party to Stonehell Dungeon along with :-

Turix the Torchbearer
Rhona – Septa of the Crone
‘Big Red’

Brytik - Man at Arms

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