'Big Red'

Companion of Turix the Torchbearer

AC 7
HP 12
Move 120’ (40’)
THACO Mel/Miss 17/—
Morale 11
15 Breath Attacks
12 Poison or Death
14 Petrify or Paralyse
13 Wands
16 Spells or Spell-like Devices
Attacks Bite – 2d4

Languages:- Dog, Common command

Abilities: Scent 1-3 on D6


A large aggressive canine, fiercely loyal to Turix the Torchbearer.

Has been trained to hate Goblins especially, due to Turix’s hatred.

Hired to accompany the party to Stonehell Dungeon along with :-

Turix the Torchbearer
Rhona – Septa of the Crone
Brytik – Man at Arms

'Big Red'

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