Orphaned Angry Half-Elf Assassin

AC 12
HP 6
THACO Mel/Miss 19/18
Stats Score Mod
STR 12
DEX 13 +1
CON 14 +2
INT 12
WIS 10
CHA 10
16 Breath Attacks
14 Poison or Death
13(9) Petrify or Paralyse
15 Wands
14 Spells or Spell-like Devices

Languages:- Alignment and Common


Infra vision 60’
Spot hidden/secret doors 1-2 on D6
+4 Save vs Ghoul Paralysis

Assassination 50% – +/- 5% per level difference
Disguise 95% (see skill description for modifiers)
Poison Use
Thief Skills from 3rd Level

Ainesilvers Gear


Ainesilver – Half-Elf Assassin – Ainesilvers was born of a Human father and an Elven mother. Ainesilvers early memories were a confused jumble of travelling from place to place. Eventually a new home was found on the island of Suhl and when he was old enough to understand, his mother explained that half-elves are not permitted to live in elven communities, his father (an adventurer in a group known as The Red Sashes) was lost during an adventure and that they had a new start on Suhl. She found work as a tanner and despite Ainesilvers questions refused to give further information and the young Ainesilver resented her for this. This resentment led the young half-elf to throw in with the wrong crowd and discovered his aptitude for some rather dubious skills. When his mother was tragically killed in an accident, the young half-elf was orphaned and was taken in by Rolandius’s mother. Rolandius helped the Half-Elf cope with his loss and later when the Red Sashes map surfaced, Ainesilver decided that it was time to set off to the continent and find out more about his past.


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