The World of Hassria, a fantastical world of myths and legends. A world of sweeping vistas, vast mountains, magic and gods. Human settlements cling to the fertile valleys, sharing the space with the peaceful Hobbit folk, Dwarven strongholds delve deep beneath the mountains and Elven kingdoms nestle behind powerful magic within the great forest. All along the coast the recently emerged Rodian race, Ratmen as the other races call them, ply the oceans and expand across the continents from their island home of Suhl.

The civilised races of light however are not alone however. In the shadows lurk creatures and monsters of evil and darkness. Warlike Orcs, Goblins and Trolls descend upon settlements without warning in a tide of death and destruction. Dark demons and evil gods scheme to overthrow governments, seek to corrupt the races of light and subjugate the free-folk under their twisted rule. Even the dead do not rest easy on Hassria, often clawing their way from their graves to seek the flesh of the living at the behest of some infernal master.

Standing against these villains and schemes are our heroes, ordinary folk of the Duchy of Valnwall in the world of Hassria who are called to seek out the evil and fight against it. Some do so to turn and hold back the tide, others seek to gain power by defeating their enemies whilst others risk their lives seeking wealth and a comfortable retirement for them and their families. They brandish swords; use their guile and their magic against the forces of evil.


Hassria is a homebrew fantasy setting of the HASSRA Leeds Wargaming, Boardgaming and Roleplaying Club. It is based in a modified version of The Known World setting first hinted at in the Labyrinth Lords Rulebooks from Goblinoid Games.

It draws upon many sources such as :-

Small Niche Games (Amherth, The City of Dolmvay, Ghoul Keep),
Brave Halfling Publishing (Larm, Dolm River),
Stonehell Dungeon by Michael Curtis,
Lands of Ara Enterprises (Lands of Ara Compendium),
George R.R. Martin (Gods of the Game of Thrones),
Dragonsfoot Website here.
and many others.

The World of Hassria

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