The Gods of Hassria

The Gods of Light

The Faith of the Seven is the principal religion of Hassria although other religions do exist. The Faith holds that there is one god who has seven faces or aspects: the Father, the Mother, the Maiden, the Crone, the Warrior, the Smith, and the Stranger. Each aspect represents one part of life or existence.

The Faith worships the Seven, a single deity with seven aspects or faces, each representing a different virtue. Worshipers pray to specific aspects of the Seven for help and guidance depending on their need. These aspects (And their small-folk names) are:

Father (Thaxon/Murr) or the Father Above
Mother (Glenys/Weiren), or the Mother Above
Warrior (Valtor/Rangeth)
Maiden (Kiri)
Smith (Lodor)
Crone (Shorn)
Stranger (Hool)

Due to its seven “aspects”, the deity is often referred to as the “Seven-faced God” or the “God of Seven”, but most frequently as simply “the Seven”.

Demi-Human Gods

The Earthmother (Raia) – Elven Goddess of the Earth.
Lady Roselyn (Weiren)- The Halflings Goddess, Defender of the Home and Hearth
Golgrok the Maker – God of Dwarves and Smiths.

Rodians, being descended from an amalgam of human and rat often follow the Seven. However worship of a specific Rodian deity has grown amongst the community.

Skavious Undivided – The Rat-God, is depicted as a monstrous 3 headed rat. Worship of the Three Headed Rat parodies that of the faith of the seven in the respect that some Rodians priests have taken to the worship of a specific aspect of Skavious, based upon each of the rat gods heads :-

Skarr – Black, rotting plague rat with ruined features and red eyes – an evil aspect.
Skav – Grey rat with copper eyes – a neutral aspect.
Skor – White rat with bright green eyes – a good aspect.

Other Gods

The Faith of the Seven whilst prominent in The Duchy are not the only faith, nor are they the oldest. Many faiths have risen and fallen over millennia and in some areas, communities following older gods or aspects of the seven by another name can be found.

Examples include:-
Viltae – Aspects: Excellence, Pride, Unrequited Love, Independence, the Hunt, the Sky
Pannas – Aspects: Water, the Sea, Independence
Delaeth – Aspects: Spring, Life, Good Health, Fertility, Planting
Bromaltas – Aspects: Autumn, Sadness, Farewells, The Harvest

Beast, Nature, Demonic Cults and Evil Gods

Many of the more primitive peoples World of Hassria and the Continent of Amherth worship animal and nature “spirit totems”. These spirits reflect the essence of nature itself (i.e. Mother Nature), an aspect of nature (trees, rocks, rain, streams, etc.), or an animal (bear, wolf, bat).

In some dark corners of the world, evil and/or desperate people have been known to make pacts with demons from the nether worlds in exchange for favours or power. Demon worshippers are reviled throughout the Continent of Amherth.
Example evil gods include:-
• Skarr – Rodian God-Aspect
Grimic – Chaos – “The Slaughterer” – God of Slaughter and Undeath
Rhuynda – Goddess of Evil magic and Demons

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