The Duchy Of Valnwall

The Duchy of Valnwall – The Known Lands

The lands provided in the map belong to the Duchy of Valnwall. This area is in a temperate climate, with the typical four seasons. Harsh winters are more common on the northern side of the mountain range, and winters are slightly milder with less snow closer to the coast. The Duke Valnwall and his family rule the lands, with some smaller baronies ruled by various lords. There are many untamed areas, with monsters and other dangers. Some areas are discussed below.

Human Settlements include the capital City of Dolmvay, Irllendom, Nahm and Larm

The Elven Lands are split between the Western Elves and the Eastern Elves.

A fledgling Dwarven Realm has emerged in the mountains to the the north.

The Rodian City of New Port is the latest population centre to rise in the Duchy.

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The Duchy Of Valnwall

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