Rumours and Speculation

Rumour Roundup

Below is a collection of the rumours and information that the party has gathered by asking questions and investigating.
Some will be true (marked when known for definite), others false.

Rumours Picked up from townsfolk in town
* The symbol of Thaxon lets you pass the guardian. (True)
* The miller could use a helping hand against a rat plague in the mill. (True)
* One of Dankmar’s apprentices wanted to help the Miller, but he hasn’t returned from the mill’s cellar. (True)
* The bakery hasn’t been producing bread for three days. (True)
* The head of the Withold family is a retired adventurer. (True)
* The Olde Tree is slowly dying. (True)
* Dagolas, the fletcher, was a very famous adventurer years ago. (True)
* The hermit can tell you things about the Abandoned Sept. (True)
* The Sept of the Wise Mother will pay a huge reward to those who clear the Abandoned Sept. (True- Debt paid)
* The Septa is a trained assassin.
* The hermit is undead.
* The hermit is a crazy wizard.
* Stonemason Kjeld is the only living founder of Larm.
Information gained from the stolen pages of Nantwins book
* Larm was founded 40 years ago by Mayor Caius Rusticus’ father from a loggers camp on the same site.
* The first god worshipped in Larm was Father Thaxon.
* Something terrible happened at the Sept of the Father 20 years ago.
* The Sept was abandoned immediately.
* The guardian of the Sept can only be killed by magic.
* Thaxon’s holy symbol can help you pass the guardian.
Rumours about Stonehell Dungeon
* At least one underwater tunnel connects the dungeon to a nearby swamp.
* A snake cult conducts bizarre and obscene rites in a crumbling temple located within the dungeon.
* A holy man who lives in an ancient crypt offers solace and healing to weary adventurers.
* The kobolds of Stonehell offer goods and services for sale in an underground bazaar.
* A bottomless chasm exists in the dungeon.
* Anyone slain in the dungeon will rise as an undead monster.
* An ever-burning skeleton has been glimpsed in the dungeon depths.
* Ringing bells in the dungeon can have unforeseen results.
* If you spot “Old Coal” and leave him a gift, it’ll bring ye good fortune.
Writings on the Gatehouse to Stonehell Dungeon
*This dungeon was cleared by the Circle of Six. Nothing remains below.” A date is written beside this message. Beneath it, in another hand, is written, “Yeah, I’ll bet!
*The little, scaly b&!#$%ds can’t be trusted. They turned on us, killed Sydel, and stole all our gold! Kill ‘em all on sight!
*I had it! A ruby the size of a fist was almost mine, but a giant serpent swallowed it before I could reach it!

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Rumours and Speculation

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