Larm: This is a small village of 112 inhabitants located on the borderlands, with 20 militia, they can raise 50 in a crisis. They have direct access to Dolmvay by the river Dolm which runs through the town and they are primarily a trading, farming and logging community with some mining in the hills. Many adventurers visit Larm as a base to visit the nearby Stonehell Dungeon, where untold riches lay buried along with the remains of many unwary adventurers.

The three gates into Larm are opened at sunrise and closed at sunset. Nobody enters or leaves Larm after dark, no matter what might happen, or how many times they beg or try to bribe the guards. Lumber arrives constantly from upriver and is gathered in staging posts across the river awaiting Lumber Day. The town militia contains around 25 souls who patrol the docks, man the 4 watch towers and occasionally patrol outside the gates in a wide circuit.

• On the first day of each week, a caravan arrives from the Dwarven lands in the north-east. Their first stop is at the Trading Bureau, after which they trade with both Reimbod(9) and Dankmar (10), the towns traders. Around noon they can be found in the village square for about an hour, so that everyone in the village can have a look at their wares.

• The third day of every week is “Market Day”. The village will be largely deserted, except for the church and the watch towers, as most citizens will be found at the village square trying to strike a bargain.

• On the fourth day of each week, ships from Dolmvay unload their goods at the dock, then travel further north-east to pick up Dwarven goods, before then returning to Dolmvay. On the return trip they don’t stop at Larm.

• The fifth day of each week is a day when all villagers meet around the Olde Oak, celebrating the day Mankind (and Dwarvenkind, Orckind, etc.) was created, according to the Holy Book of the Seven. This celebration is sponsored by Haldo Bramwise, the proprietor of The Borderland Tavern, and by the Church of the Wise Mother. It usually only ends when the last person is no longer able to stand without help.

• The seventh day of the week is “Lumber Day” – the day lumber is transported downriver from the staging posts across the Dolm to the shipyards of the Duchy’s capital Dolmvay.

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