Candles of Thaxon

Miracles in wax form


Candles of Thaxon come in 4 colours: green, red, black, and white.

They must be powered in a ritual involving other candles channelling the god’s energy. You must light the candles in order to work their magic. No matter how long they burn or how often you light them, they function only once.

All the candles have a small inscription in the Common language.

  • The inscription on the green candles reads: “Turn!” They turn undead as a cleric of level 5.

*The inscription on the red candles reads: “Fight!” They add 1 to the attack and damage rolls of every lawful character in a radius of 50’. The effect wears off at the end of the fight.

*The inscription on the white candles reads: “Dispel!” These candles functions like the spell dispel magic.

*The inscription on the black candles reads: “Disappear!”. Every person or creature touching these candles when lit, becomes invisible as per the spell invisibility.


Candles of Thaxon

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