Mysterious Tattooed Monk

AC 7
HP 13
THACO Mel/Miss 18/17
Stats Score Mod
STR 12
DEX 17 +2
CON 10
WIS 15 +1
16 Breath Attacks
11 Poison or Death
14 Petrify or Paralyse
11 Wands
14 Spells or Spell-like Devices


Unarmed attacks have a chance to stun or kill.
Dodge missiles
Limited Thief Skills

Thief Skills :- Pick Locks 33%, Find/Remove Traps 32%, Move Silently 42%, Climb Walls 102%, Hide in Shadows 32%, Hear Noise 1-2


Costamogen the name given to me upon joining the Uhlari (Keepers of the Light in the western tongue). The Uhlari are order of monks well established far to east on the Continent of Herth. The Ulhari devote themselves to the pursuit of self enlightlement but also to oppose fiendish creatures who may have designs on the mortal world.

Upon joining the Uhlari at the age of 17 all ties to my previous life were severed. Upon passing the first “pah” trial I earned my right to stay with the order and further my studies as a true member at which time I was given my name.

As the years progressed my height lent itself to certain athletic skills such as running and free hand climbing which combined with my ki harnessing abilities led the order to seek my service requesting I become a scout for them. After passing my fifth "pah " trial I was awareded my first Takara. A ritual tattoo which was made with magical inks said to bestow special abilities upon the wearer. The tattoo is on my right arm and forms a spiral going from my wrist round and round my arm and finishing at my elbow. It looks like a normal tattoo apart from when I meditate or harness my Ki it shimmers with mother of pearl like effect.

After performing in my role for many years in the local region the head of the order Lupaza requested my presence. Here in one of the meditation chambers of the Ulhari she presented me with my next assignment.

Stonehell dungeon was well known across the region. But the ulhari had become aware as to the extent of the atrocities that had befallen the poor souls who were taken into that place and the Ulhari fear that such deeds may have permeated the area to such an extent as to attract the attentions of the fiends of the outer planes. My mission is to enter the dungeon and assess if any such influence exists, to assess its strengths and report back to the Ulhari or if possible destroy such influence.


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